Diablo II - NPC Dialogue Lore - Act II - The…

Drognan I’ve been researching the old records, trying to find the location of Tal Rasha’s Tomb. Though I haven’t found the Tomb, itself, I may have a good lead for you. The great Vizjerei Summoner, Horazon, built his Arcane Sanctuary somewhere around here. He was a powerful spellcaster and kept demons as slaves within the Sanctuary. He kept a close eye on great events, too—such as the imprisonment of Baal within Tal Rasha’s Tomb. If you could find Horazon’s Sanctuary, I’m sure that it would hold some clue as to the Tomb’s location. Though I doubt Horazon is still alive, you must proceed with caution. There’s no telling what could be waiting inside. When I spoke of this with Lord Jerhyn, he asked that I send you to him. Perhaps he knows of a secret entrance or the like.

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