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AZEROTH Leader: Regent Lord Anduin Lothar Nation Color: Blue Background: Before the coming of the Age of Chaos when the Portal was first opened, the kingdom of Azeroth was the mightiest of all Human nations. Ruled by the wise and just King Llane, Azeroth stood as a beacon of light and truth throughout the known world. After the First War, Azeroth and all of its lands were devastated by the Horde. With King Llane dead, Sir Lothar took charge of the shattered armies of Azeroth and led the survivors across the Great Sea to the shores of Lordaeron. King Terenas, ruler of Lordaeron, agreed to support the landless Azerothiens. The peoples of Azeroth settled near the Southshore region of Lordaeron, pledging their loyalty to the Alliance. Battle-hardened and brave, the last of the once great armies of Azeroth now seek retribution for the loss of their homeland.


STROMGARDELeader: Thoras Trollbane Nation Color: Red Background: The kingdom of Stromgarde retains a strict martial philosophy which makes it a highly regarded addition to the Alliance. Situated among the foothills of the Alterac Mountains, Stromgarde serves as a sentinel against any invasion across the Orc-controlled borders of Khaz Modan. Possessing a long history of warfare against the Trolls, the warriors of Stromgarde are well prepared to engage in open combat with all enemies of humanity.


KUL'TIRAS Leader: Lord Admiral Daelin Proudmoore Nation Color: Green Background: Before the First War, the far ranging merchant ships of Kul’Tiras made it the most prosperous nation in the known world. When the Orcs began to raid the coastal settlements of Lordaeron, Admiral Proudmoore took it upon himself to construct an Armada of Warships. At the behest of his long time friend Anduin Lothar, Proudmoore has pledged the assistance of his merchant-nation to the Alliance.


GILNEAS Leader: Lord Genn Greymane Nation Color: Black Background: Despite the impending Orcish invasion, Gilneas has remained separate from the Alliance of Lordaeron. As ruler of one of the strongest Human nations, Genn Greymane is convinced that his own armies can deal with the threat, and has therefore remained unmoved by Lord Lothar’s pleas for unity. Despite this apparent disdain for the Alliance, the denizens of Gilneas harbor no fondness for the Orcs or their allies and are prepared to meet them blade for blade.


DALARAN Leader: The Kirin-Tor Nation Color: Violet Background: Dalaran is a small, magocratic nation ruled by a conclave of Wizards known as the Kirin-Tor. The Capital of Dalaran is the Violet Citadel at Cross Island. This nexus of supernatural forces is home to the four great towers that are sanctum to many of the land’s greatest sorcerers. The Kirin-Tor are strong supporters of the Alliance and to its cause have devoted the knowledge contained within their voluminous libraries as well as the power of their awesome magiks.


ALTERAC Leader: Lord Perenolde Nation Color: Orange Background: Alterac is the weakest of the Human nations and is only a minor contributor of troops and equipment to the Alliance. Although Lord Perenolde praises Lothar and Terenas for their ongoing efforts, he is beset by the fear that when the Horde comes, the Alliance will fall, and only the surrender of his forces and his sovereignity will save the lives of his subjects. Perenolde alone knows whether or not - when the final call to arms is sounded - Alterac will fight for its own freedom alongside the other nations of the Alliance.

Alliance Flags | Horde Flags

Alliance Flags | Horde Flags

BLACKROCK CLAN Chieftain: Orgrim Doomhammer Clan Color: Red Background: Although years of war have reduced their numbers, the Blackrock clan remains the strongest within the Horde. Ruled for many years by Blackhand the Destroyer, the Blackrock Clan rose quickly in power and was responsible for numberless victories against the Humans in the First War. Orgrim Doomhammer - known also as the Backstabber - assassinated the ruthless, but careless Blackhand, and named himself clan chieftain and Warchief of the Horde. The Blackrock Clan continues to dictate the course of the war intimidating the lesser clans within the Horde into following Orgrim's lead. The forces of the Blackrock clan are fanatically loyal to the Doomhammer and will serve him with their lives. Domain: Blackrock Spire, Azeroth STORMREAVER CLAN Chieftain: Gul'dan the Warlock Clan Color: Blue Background: The Stormreavers are a small but powerful clan whose origins are fixed in the history of the Horde since its coming to Azeroth. As the last of his kind, the Warlock Gul'dan maintains absolute control over this clan. Gul'dan who secretly ruled the Horde through his unwitting puppet Blackhand, has found that the shrewd Doomhammer harbors no trust or fondness for him. This forced Gul'dan to found the Stormreavers in order to protect himself from any action Orgrim might take against him. With the support of his clan, Gul'dan intends to find the lost Tomb of the Daemonlord Sargeras. It is legend that this Tomb contains unimaginable power - power which Gul'dan means to possess. Domain: Stormwind and Balor, Azeroth TWILIGHT'S HAMMER CLAN Chieftain: Cho'gall the Ogre-Mage Clan Color: Violet Background: Obsessed with the notion that the HOrde is the harbinger of apocalyptic doom to all the lands that it ravages, the Twilight's Hammer clan feels a sacrosanct gratification in the destruction of all that it encounters. Led by the cunning Ogre Mage Cho'gall, the Twilight's Hammer has strong ties to Gul'dan and the Stormreaver clan. Its loyalty to the Horde is not as strong as its belief in its sacred mission of oblivion. Domain: Northshire, Azeroth BLACK TOOTH GRIN CLAN Chieftain: Rend and Maim (sons of Blackhand) Clan Color: Black Background: The Black Tooth Grin clan was originally part of the Blackrock clan, but splintered off before the Horde's passing into Azeroth. After their father was deposed from his position as Warchief by Orgrim Doomhammer, Rend and Maim decided to gain control over their own faction within the Horde without directly opposing the Doomhamer's ascension to power. The Black Tooth Grin, noted for its custom of each member knowing out one of his own teeth to symbolize his loyalty to the clan, is charged with the protection and preservation of the dreaded Portal. The unity of the Black Tooth Grin may be sorely tested should the opportunity arise for Rend and Maim to reclaim their father's station and avenge his death. Domain: The Black Morass, Azeroth BLEEDING HOLLOW CLAN Chieftain: Kill'rogg Deadeye Clan Color: Green Background: The Bleeding Hollow clan was one of the largest in the Horde before passing into Azeroth. Led by the aged Killrogg Deadeye, the Bleeding Hollow embodies the unrelenting savagery required for many long years of successful Orcish warfare. In accordance with their unequaled performance in battle, they have been given the honor of safeguarding the refinement operations on the occupied lands of Khaz Modan. Allegiant to the Blackrock clan, these veteran warriors place the needs of the Horde above all else. Domain: Ironforge, Khaz Modan DRAGONMAW CLAN Chieftain: Zuluhed the Whacked Clan Color: White Background: Led by the Shaman Zuluhed, the Dragonmaw clan is a small but elite faction within the Horde. With its legacy dating back into the time before the Warlocks, the Dragonmaw was quick to become one of Blackhand's strongest supporters in Azeroth. After his demise, the Dragonmaw honored its fealty to Blackhand by pledging itself into the service of his sons Rend and Maim and the Black Tooth Grin clan. Using ritualistic magiks dowered by the ancient Shaman, the Dragonmaw clan was responsible for the capture of the Dragon Queen Alexstrasza and the Horde's current subjugation of the Dragons of Azeroth. Domain: Grim Batol, Khaz Modan BURNING BLADE CLAN Chieftain: None Clan Color: Orange Background: The Burning Blade is not a clan as much as it is an elemental force of nature. Chaotic and unpredictable, the Burning Blade is a brotherhood of demented Orcs whose only objective is to raze and plunder with no regard for their own safety. This leaderless swarm is held in check by the Ogres - to be unleashed by the clans in times of urgent duress. The Burning Blade holds loyalty to no one and will attack any that they perceive to be a threat - even their fellow Orcs. Domain: Nomadic

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