The Market |Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha

The Market allows players to buy and sell specific items: such as Gems, Legendary Gems, Runes and Skill Stones.

The Market is located in Rakkis Plaza, in the city of Westmarch. Talk to Dya to access the Market UI. There are two types of currency handled by the Market: Gold and Platinum.

The gold is only used as a Market Fee paid to Dya. The platinum is the currency used to buy and sell items. Therefore, players exchange items via Platinum -- which can be earned by completing 12 Daily Quests at the Bounty Board, or by login to the game each day (3000 Platinum).


  1. Items are bought and sold using Platinum.

  2. Items are listed for 48 hours, and will be returned to seller if not sold.

  3. When selling, there is a recommended price based on recent market activity.

  4. You can adjust an item's price above or below the recommended price.

  5. When an item sells, 15% of the sale price is charged as a fee.


  1. Legendary Gems and Skill Stones are considered scarce items, and have additional rules.

  2. Scarce items have a wider range of value, and are on public display for 12 hours before they can be purchased.

  3. Buying and selling scarce items is subject to manual review.


  1. A small gold fee is charged to list items.

  2. Sold items are subject to a 15% fee.

This is the Market UI to list items for sale.


The Market's Gems tab display all the 5 Ranks of each available gem. It shows you how many gems are available in the market.

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These seem to be available at some point post level 45 in technical alpha or meant for max level 60.

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