Starcraft: Frontline Vol. 1 - Manga Preview

DESCRIPTION StarCraft: Frontline Volume 1 The brutal, dark and fascinating world of StarCraft comes alive in this collection of never-before-seen thrilling adventures. Why We Fight In this profoundly moving introduction to the StarCraft universe, the three species in StarCraft are examined—and what drives their war for survival will shock and awe. Story by Josh Elder Art by Ramanda Karmaga Thundergod In a story by Richard Knaak, a Thor driver’s ego leads him and two partners to try to pull off a heist in the middle of a war zone. Story by Richard A. Knaak Art by Naohiro Washio Weapon of War A psionic six-year-old boy is at the center of a conflict between a Terran mining colony and the Zerg—and the Marines and miners must decide whether to shelter the boy, kill him, or use him against their attackers. Story by Paul Benjamin and Dave Shramek Art by Hector Sevilla Heavy Armor A Viking pilot must battle his mentor—for the lives of an entire colony. Dogfight/mecha combat w/ a psychological/strategic edge. Story by Simon Furman Art by Jesse Elliott MSRP: $10.99 PAGES: 192 ISBN: 1-4278-0721-3 EAN: 978-1-4278-0721-2 AVAILABLE: 08.01.2008 Order from our Blizzplanet Store ORDER NOW



1500 x 2231 (300dpi)