SONY to Reveal PS5 Games on June 4

Update (June 11): The PS5 Reveal has been scheduled for today June 11 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET.

SONY has postponed the June 4 event due to civil unrest across the United States. (Updated on June 1)

Original article (May 29):

It is unknown what SONY plans to reveal on June 4 at 1pm PDT, or whether there might be any Blizzard games. Most likely the answer is no, as Blizzard hasn't announced any console games except for Diablo 4 -- and we all know that's still a few years away.

I do have to notify you nevertheless because there was a playable demo at BlizzCon 2019. So even if there is a .001% chance, I need to point out as a narrow possibility.

It is still something worth watching to see exactly how powerful the PS5 is beyond what we have already seen in the past months.

Update: It's confirmed that SONY will feature gameplay footage of whatever games are revealed. The event will last about an hour.

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