Second Behavior

Back in June 2020, RandomMan00 shared in Reddit a special behavior in the URL. In the past, the address resolved into a "Server Not Found" error. Then, the URL resolved into Error 403, which according to the Amazon AWS support site means the page is behind the AWS Firewall, blocking access to public view.

You don't block it behind a Firewall for nothing. Only if you are working on content.

A couple of days ago, GameIndustry.Biz stormed the internet revealing that Vicarious Visions had been merged with Blizzard Entertainment to take the role of the Classic Games team. Team 1 and the Classic Games Team had been merged silently some time ago, but now both are gone. Dissolved. The staff was moved on to the Diablo 4 team.

So now that Vicarious Visions is completely focused on Blizzard Classic Games as an official new Blizzard team, the Actugaming Leak revealing Diablo II: Resurrected is in development by Vicarious Visions is further credible than before.

Today, RandomMan00 noticed yet another behavior in the URL. It is not longer displaying a 403 error. Instead, the page doesn't load at all.

Using an online tool, he was able to check the historical data. The page has been updated or accessed at least 1-2 times per month since June. Three times in October 2020, four times in November 2020, twice in December 2020, and so far three times in January 2021. Seventeen times in 7 months is a lot of activity.

The historical data also reveals there is a subdomain beneath the URL... -- and this one does give the AWS Firewall 403 Error. QA stands for Quality Assurance.

Below is a list of all the past articles I have written concerning Vicarious Visions and Diablo II: Resurrected since the Actugaming Leak.

Thanks for the tips, @Flam744.

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