Rumor: Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha

I was informed that Capt. Logun of the Keelhauled Podcast recently tweeted that his friends were invited to the Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha.

I reached out and he responded quickly. The "friends" he referred to are Blizzard employees. I'm in the process of validating, getting in contact with one of them, but thought it was appropriate to share for now as "rumor."

Capt. Logun himself has a reputation at stake here with this rumor. He agreed to allow me to share his tweet, and he has been a podcaster for some time; and recognized by the Microsoft/Rare Limited's Sea of Thieves developers -- who immortalized Capt. Logun with an NPC back in 2019 -- read the Rareware interview with Capt. Logun at their official Sea of Thieves website.

We know that the Diablo Immortal internal test started in August 24, 2020.

In November 2, during the 2020 Fireside Chat, Blizzard president CEO J. Allen Brack said: "We recently conducted our largest ever internal playtest, and we’ll be sharing more of our plans as the work progress."

That, right there, told us the internal test had ended. However, as the list I keep to track each Google Play update shows, the Diablo Immortal app has been quite active with updates since November 2.

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Recently, the Diablo Immortal app's December 3 update added an internal minimum requirement list (not viewable by the public) which rendered many mobile devices as "Incompatible."

I posted in Reddit to ask members to volunteer their compatible and incompatible devices and specs. This allowed me to narrow down and list the range of devices's CPUs and GPUs that can play in the upcoming Beta.

The Reddit thread prompted Diablo community manager PezRadar to clarify what the December 3 update did, and to notify fans that it is just a temporary compatibility list for the upcoming initial beta test phase. No date for Beta was shared though.

Now this tweet by Capt. Logun seems to reveal a Technical Alpha is in progress, behind-the-scene.

Blizzard Entertainment has not officially or unofficially announced Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha at the time of this article.

I'll provide an update if or when I can validate this rumor as true, or debunked. Hopefully, soon.

Last time, I was able to get a scoop from ASUS_Gustav to debunk the ASUS ROG and Canada regional test rumor within 24 hours. Follow me @blizzplanetcom for updates.

Update: The Blizzard employee declined to comment. Therefore, this will stay open as a "rumor." Keep your eyes open for any further potential leaks or official statements. Let me know.

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