Prime Evil | Act IV

The Prime Evil quest is the last quest of Act IV in Diablo III (2012), where the player defeats Diablo the Prime Evil. The quest begins after entering the Gateway to the Silver Spire.



  • Cross the Great Span of the Silver Spire

Templar: The darkness grows around us.

Leah: How does it feel? Knowing you helped me become the Prime Evil? For all your mighty deeds, all you really accomplished was unleashing me upon the world. Some savior you are, nephalem.

Templar: Leah, wait!

Note: Aspect of Terror (Diablo's Herald) spawns in place of the Leah ghost.

Note: Head north to enter The Silver Spire Level 1.


Tyrael: Diablo is climbing the spire to the Crystal Arch. We must hurry.

Mira Eamon: How could you convince my own husband to kill me? I could have been saved, but you made him cut me down!

Templar: No... that isn't her!

Note: The Aspect of Lies (Belial's Assassin) spawns in Mira's place.

Tyrael: The corruption is so much more thorough here than it was in the gardens, so much more complete. Diablo knows the spire is the heart of the High Heavens...

Note: Search for the portal to The Great Span.


Tyrael: Wait... There is something different here.

Templar: We can face it!

Diablo: Look, Tyrael... your old lieutenant.


Izual: It seems we've both fallen from grace, Tyrael. Come, embrace your former lieutenant!


  • Kill Izual

Izual: The chill of Hell will sap the life from your bones! You failed again, Tyrael! The corruption cannot be stopped!

Diablo: Look beneath you and see the ruin of Heaven.


  • Climb to the Pinnacle of Heaven in the Silver Spire

Note: Head northeast along the long bridge and enter The Silver Spire Level 2.


Tyrael: It is not far now. I only hope we are not too late. I can feel Diablo's corruption closing around the light of Heaven.

Deckard Cain: The Angiris Council is no better than the Prime Evils themselves. We are just pawns in their cruel games, and now you help the worst of them all?

Templar: What is this deception?!

Note: The Aspect of Hatred (Mephisto's Disciple) spawns in Cain's place.

Tyrael: The spire was once beautiful beyond measure...

Templar: Diablo has spared nothing in his assault.

Enter The Pinnacle of Heaven.


Imperius: Nephalem, I see you did not heed my warning. Or perhaps you think yourself strong enough to face me?

Necromancer: I come to kill another. Do not waste my time.

Tyrael: Imperius, stop this madness! Diablo is the enemy here, not the nephalem!

Imperius: Tyrael, I will deal with you soon enough. I will-- What is this? No! Diablo has reached the Arch!

Tyrael: No! Diablo has begun extinguishing the Crystal Arch; that's why the angels have fallen! If its light should go out forever... We must defeat Diablo before that happens!

Necromancer: We stand together as mortals.

Tyrael: Diablo's vile corruption bars our path. Stand back -- El'druin's light shall clear the way!


  • Talk to Tyrael at the Pinnacle of Heaven

Imperius may yell a great deal, but he is still incapable of defying Diablo's power. I cannot be certain that I will do much better, but at least I know not to threaten potential allies needlessly.


Tyrael: The gate has been opened, nephalem. This last trial is yours alone.

Necromancer: Thank you for leading me this far.

Tyrael: It was an honor. But this is the moment you were made for -- this is the hour of mankind's victory!


THE HIGH HEAVENSNecromancerI need to know more about the Crystal Arch.TyraelIt is older than time itself, and over the eons this shining realm took shape around it. It thrums with living light and sound that courses through the very fabric of the Silver City.NecromancerThe angels themselves are born from it.TyraelYes. Like musical notes in a grand chorus, angels are the manifestation of the Arch's intrinsic harmony. The purest expressions of this harmony were my brethren, the archangels.NecromancerThis harmony seems to have been lost.TyraelYes. But Hope has returned. And as you mortals are fond of saying, it is not over yet.

LEAH'S SPIRITTyraelI fear that if we defeat Diablo, Leah's innocent spirit will die with him...NecromancerIt is likely that she is already lost, though that may be hard to accept.

MALTHAELNecromancerWhich of the angels voted to destroy humanity?TyraelImperius. Malthael abstained, but it was counted against you.NecromancerMalthael... Who was he?TyraelHe was Wisdom itself... until his disappearance. The Angiris Council has been... broken ever since.

MALTHAEL'S FATENecromancerDo you know why Malthael disappeared?TyraelLong ago, when Inarius and his ilk stole the Worldstone to create Sanctuary, Malthael became consumed with discovering its whereabouts. As the archangel of Wisdom, he was tortured by his inability to recover the sacred artifact.NecromancerHave there been any clues about his whereabouts?TyraelSome say he haunts the silent halls of Pandemonium, forever seeking answers to the unknowable mysteries of life and death.

THE PRIME EVILNecromancerWhat is the Prime Evil?TyraelIt is the sum total of all seven Evils within one body. There is an ancient legend, known only to a few, of the great Dragon, Tathamet, who was the original embodiment of evil. The legend says that he was ripped apart during an epic battle with Anu, and that the Burning Hells are composed of his remains.NecromancerAnu?TyraelJust as Tathamet was the ultimate evil, Anu was the ultimate good. It is said by some that the Crystal Arch is all that remains of this great warrior.NecromancerThen evil has been reborn in its purest form.TyraelIn a manner of speaking, yes.

Note: Enter the Crystal Arch.


  • Find Diablo


Templar: I've been trapped! You'd best go on without me.

Diablo: The seven Evils are one within me! I am legion!


  • Kill Diablo

Diablo: Enough! Let us see how you fare in my Realm of Terror!


Diablo: Only by defeating us can you return to your own realm! But none have ever crawled from the depths of their own terror!


Diablo: No! This wretched light must be eradicated!

Diablo: All that you have known -- all that you have ever loved -- shall die along with you, nephalem.


  • Talk to Auriel and bring your quest to an end

Auriel: The day is won. Diablo is vanquished, and all evil with him.

Necromancer: Evil retreats, but it does not die.

Tyrael: Time will tell.

(WARNING: Do you wish to travel to the next Act?)



Villager: I don't care if you have to burn the Heavens down to their foundations. Kill Diablo for what he's done today.

A FINAL GIFTNecromancerI have a gift for you, Lyndon.ScoundrelIs that so?NecromancerIt's gold. Enough to repay the Merchants Guild and free your brother.ScoundrelYou're joking, right? You look like you're joking.NecromancerDo I ever joke?ScoundrelI'm speechless.NecromancerI suppose there is a first time for everything.

Soldier: One last fight for our hero, and we can go home.Soldier 2: Don't you wish you could help?Soldier: Ha! I don't think she needs it.

Soldier: This is the end, isn't it?Soldier: One way or the other. Good luck, hero!

Nikola: My husband's blood bought us victory against Azmodan's armies. Don't let it be for nothing.Necromancer: It wasn't.

A FAVORCaptain Haile: You have one last scrap ahead of you, I hear. Might I ask you a favor?Necromancer: Yes?Captain Haile: When you're killing Diablo -- and I have no doubt you will -- think of my lads, will you? Make him pay for all of this.Necromancer: He will fall. Not for vengeance, but for the Balance.

Small Boy: Is this the last battle?Necromancer: No. But you will be safe after its end.Small Boy: I don't want to be safe. I want revenge.Necromancer: Death and life are forces of our world. They rise and ebb like the tide. Think on this, and you will no longer desire revenge, only peace.

Boy: Is it time to go home yet, Mum?Villager: Soon, love. Soon.

Villager: Thank you for everything! Thank you so much.

THE LORD OF TERRORCovetous ShenI know what I fear. For long years I feared the jewel of Dirgest would fall into the wrong hands, that its evil would be unleashed upon our world. But in the sight of this, in the sight of all this destruction, I can hardly look or even think upon a jewel, even one as terrible as Dirgest's. You must save us.

MORTALS AND ANGELSMyriamYour task will soon be done. The angels will then have no choice but to value mortals -- thanks to you.NecromancerIs that right?MyriamOf course I'm right. Look who you're talking to! Have I ever steered you wrong?NecromancerYou haven't told me everything.MyriamAll for your own good, celsa, all for your own good.


A WORTHWHILE QUESTScoundrelWell, it was all worth it. Everything -- the cuts, the bruises, having to break bread with that templar... I jest. You are like family to me now. I awe you the world, my friend... But now I'd better shut up before I make myself sick.

A HERO FOR THE AGESScoundrelThat was astounding -- what you did back there! You're the greatest hero in history. Everyone in Kingsport will know your name if I have my way! They'll sing it for the rest of time! Hell, I will sing right now if you want me to!

DEEPLY MOVEDScoundrelI can't believe you really did it.NecromancerYou're crying.ScoundrelNo, no. It's raining.NecromancerIt does not rain here.ScoundrelWell, it does now!

A HERO OF PROPHECYEnchantressYou... you truly are the one the Prophet promised. You are everything that all the angels and all of humanity could have hoped for! And... well, you are awfully nice too.

FATE'S FULFILLMENTEnchantressI cannot believe it all came down to pass... just as the Prophet wished! I left everything I knew behind to fight with you. It was the best choice I have ever made.


VICTORYCovetous ShenOh, victory at long last! I never dreamed our humble quest might lead to this. It's a story I will tell for many, many years. And of course, I won't leave out the part played by one simple jeweler.

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