Music4Games Interviews Jason Hayes

The Editor of Music4Games has informed us about their interview with Jason Hayes, World of Warcraft Lead Composer, regarding Video Games Live and GC concert performances of his music:

Music4Games:How does it feel to have your music selected

for the GC Game Music Symphony Concert?

Jason Hayes: I’m very honored to be a part of this spectacular

concert event! To have music performed at the Gewandhaus in Leipzig,

a city so renowned for its rich music history, is a real thrill

for me.

Music4Games: What other projects are on the horizon after the live


Jason Hayes: I’m going to be in high production mode on the

album for the next few months, and I’m also currently starting a

brand new game from NCsoft. Right now, all the details are completely

undisclosed, but I’m hoping that some information will be released

about it soon. I think it’s really going to be incredible!