Memgraft for patch 1.12B!  (Starcraft)

Quote from: stormcoast-fortress

Stormcoast Fortress is proud to announce the release of an updated Memgraft version with support for Starcraft 1.12B.

Suicidal Insanity said:

“Darkwizzard has officially retired from this project. However, he allowed me to update it. Please do not ask him for support. He has informed me that he is working on a mac plugin for Memgraft together with BahamutZero which will be released with a mac version of MPQDraft later.”

Download Memgraft 1.12 (PC) here

You may report bugs here, however there are currently no set plans to fix reported bugs. You will

need a Stormcoast Fortress user account in order to report bugs, this

can be created on the Scmdraft beta test site.

From Dark Nemesis:

For those of you who have no idea what memgraft is, it’s a utility used for starcraft mods. It allows for flexible tech-trees (like warcraft III has)