Iron Wolves Doctrine - Legendary Crafting Materials

The Iron Wolves Doctrine is a legendary crafting material used by Blacksmith Haedrig Eamon to craft the Asheara's Vestments set. It drops off Ssthrass (The Sliverbolt).

Ssthrass can be found in Act II: Dahlgur Oasis at the bridge leading to the entrance of the Ancient Waterway


Demon Hunters should double-camp Ssthrass because I got this recipe from him too: Sydyru Crust (Legendary 2-Hand Bow).


Asheara's Vestments


Asheara's Finders - Boots


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Asheara's Ward - Gloves

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Asheara's Pace - Pants

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Asheara's Custodian - Shoulders

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