Infernal Machine Level 70 Guide

The Infernal Machine is a portal device used to open a rift into a random location that will match you against two Uber Bosses. Each encounter has a chance to drop one of the four organ items required to craft the Hellfire Ring (Requires level 70).

How to Start

The Infernal Machine Recipe has a random chance to drop from Nekarat the Keywarden in Act IV: Silver Spire Level 1 in any Difficulty.

Once the recipe is looted, talk to Blacksmith Haedrig Eamon at any of the towns, then click the recipe in your inventory. The Portal Device will now appear under the Blacksmith's Forge Weapons tab UI.


Portal Device

The Blacksmith Haedrig Eamon now has individual recipes to create four different types of Portal Device. Each Portal Device requires 1 Key from each of the Four Keywardens found through Act I-IV. These are the four Portal Devices:

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These are the Keywardens found through Act I-IV. The list tells you where to find the Keywardens and which key they drop. Note: The keys drop in normal difficulty too.

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Heretic's Abode

Once you have a Portal Device in your inventory, go to New Tristram. Next to the merchant Tashun the Miner is Brother Malachi the Healer. On his side is a cabin with a sealed door. Stand in front of the door, and hold down the SHIFT key. Click the Left-Button of your mouse to trigger your Primary Skill. This will destroy the door, and give you access to the Heretic's Abode.


Inside the Heretic's Abode, click the Portal Device and it will open up a rift into its corresponding realm.


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