IGN Summer of Gaming: Blizzard joins June Showcase

IGN announced recently that Blizzard Entertainment has joined the IGN Summer of Gaming line-up to be scheduled soon for June 2020.

The importance of this happening is two-fold. This event is more-or-less replacing what E3 2020 would have been now that the event got cancelled due to the pandemic; and June 29 is the 20th anniversary of Diablo II.

"Update 5/11/20: IGN is proud to announce that Ubisoft, Blizzard, and more are the latest additions to the Summer of Gaming line-up. We're also happy to say that Blizzard will be making an appearance during the month, too." -- source

This is announced just a handful of days after the french site actugaming revealed that a source leaked Vicarious Visions is working on Diablo II: Resurrected with a Q4 2020 release date; and a press release shared with us recently that a Gamestop-Exclusive Funko POP Tyrael #600 is on sale May 26th.

Too many Diablo II-ish news bombarding us lately, don't you think?

UPDATE (May 21): More updates are coming this week (any time within May 25-29).

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