GamesCom 2018 Tuesday Press Presentation: Diablo III Eternal Conflict Nintendo Switch

On Tuesday (Aug 21), Blizzplanet correspondent @Handclaw attended the GamesCom 2018 Press-Only Presentation. No camera recording was allowed. Audio recording was allowed only for transcription purposes.

The Diablo III Nintendo Switch presentation was led by senior producer Pete Stillwell and associate producer Matt Cederquist.

**Due to the background noise, however, I am not able to transcribe word-by-word. I'll highlight what could be heard clearly.

In Diablo III Nintendo Switch, up to 4 players can play together whether they have four Switch controllers or joy-cons. Supports all Switch controller configurations, including single and dual Joy-Con action.

Diablo III: Eternal Conflict Nintendo Switch is running at 900p. We targeted 60FPS. When having four Necromancers playing it feels responsive and plays as well as with any other platform. So we are happy about that.

Cool things, because of this platform, we can truly play offline. Diablo III has been an always-online. Your progress will follow you. If you loot some good loot while offline, when you go online you still keep the same loot.

We are calling it the Diablo III: Eternal Collection, so it will have everything we have launched so far. It has got the base game, it has got the Reaper of Souls expansion, and the Rise of the Necromancer pack DLC.

It is going to have Themed Seasons as well. We will keep adding more Themed Seasons and do some experimentations.

Just to get it out of the way, there is no cross-platform support. You do have to start a new character. We aren't making character transfers from the PC or Console. You are not required to play the campaign in your first play-through. You know... I restarted in three different systems, and I am about to do a fourth? I was very adamant of doing the campaign again.

Note: The developer talked about the exclusive Zelda-inspired content. Nothing new. The audio has a lot of background noise from the live gameplay shown on the wall-screen during the presentation, so I'll skip transcribing that. Instead this is what's common knowledge:

  • The Legend of Ganondorf Transmog

  • Golden Triforce Portrait Frame

  • Echoes of the Mask cosmetic wings

  • Companion Cucco pet

The cartridge fits the entire game so there isn't going to be a big deal in downloading or anything like that. It is about 14GB+. If you need to change the audio localization, you will have to download those additional sound packs essentially.

Blizzplanet: Some fans noticed some of the Diablo III Nintendo Switch gameplay screenshots didn't show more than 10 enemies onscreen. Is this coincidence, or are there any limitations of monsters that can be onscreen in Nintendo Switch compared with the PC or console version?

Developer: That would just be coincidence. We haven't changed gameplay or anything like that. (The developer said that our question was a good call. They can try to fix that in the future, screenshots they make public.)

Press: How long have you been working on a port for Nintendo Switch?

Developer: It has been about 9 months.

EDITOR: You can pre-order the Diablo III: Eternal Collection by following the link. Below is the Fact Sheet, and Press Release for the announcement of Diablo III Nintendo Switch, and gameplay/concept screenshots.

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