Diablo Immortal Company Playtest Updated Sept 21, 2020

This marks the fourth Diablo Immortal Company Playtest build update since Aug 24 -- pushed into the Google Play Diablo Immortal webpage. So far there has been the following updates:

  • Aug 24

  • Aug 26

  • Sept 14

  • Sept 21

There is something in common about these dates. All of them fall on a Monday -- except the 26th, which could have been an emergency bug fix.

Additionally, I have checked today the Tap.io website (Tap Tap) around 11am EST and 1pm EST. Now at 4pm, the Diablo Immortal client there has now been updated within 24 hours after Google Play's was.

On another note, the Diablo Immortal icon has been updated at Google Play, meeting the platform's icon standards. For comparison's sake, in the image below let's see before (left) and now (right).

[table id=125 /]

[table id=86 /]