Devilsaur invades Orgrimmar

I have seen images and videos of Lord Kazzak causing mayhem in Stormwind, but seriously, I don’t know whether applaud these 10 players from Guild: O o t S Realm: Tichondrius or whether ask them to get a life. They trained the Devilsaur from Un’Goro all the way up to Orgrimmar going through Thousand Needles, Feralas, Desolace, Stratholme, The Barrens, up to Durotar. Now . . . that, my friends, is either a waste of long time or an out of proportions adventure. Take a look at the Screenshot of the Devilsaur entering Orgrimmar City. There is a bunch of screenshots showing the Devilsaur walk through all Kalimdor zones up to Durotar.