BlizzCon 2019: The Diablo IV Legendary Loot

David Kim mentioned in one of the interviews that the Diablo IV Legendary loot seen in the demo was set to drop from specific locations. Usually at the beginning in the Corbach Crypts, from the world boss: Ashava the Pestilent, or from the Garan Hold dungeon. That it would be different in beta and the shipped game.

That might explain why the same loot would drop from the tough world boss and the trash mobs. I watched over 5 hours of Diablo IV gameplay livestreams, and took screenshots of all the legendaries I saw, including those that repeated to compare their stats. Let me know what you think, and what you would like to see in Diablo IV.

The developers really want to hear your feedback and welcome new ideas as well. I can forward them to our Blizzard Entertainment contact.

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