Blizzard Entertainment trademarks Diablo Immortal

Blizzard Entertainment officially filed to trademark Diablo Immortal in the United States, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia and Europe. Update: China, too.

The trademark was filled on September 30 (Global) and October 1 (USA), and it was a few hours ago when it was listed to the public.

You can see the trademark for other regions here.

Europe Trademark

UK Trademark

Australia Trademark

New Zealand Trademark

China Trademark

The interesting thing about the Chinese trademark is that it has been filed 20 times for different class in four versions:

  • Diablo Immortal

  • Diablo: Immortals

  • 暗黑破坏神:不朽

  • 暗黑破坏神:不朽

UPDATE: October 12

Two new Diablo Immortal trademarks have been filed in Mexico and Canada.



Trademarks vs Release Dates

It is quite difficult to discern the relevance of knowing the trademark registration date versus the actual video game release date; then apply that reasoning to how far away the Diablo Immortal release date lands.

So instead of speculating, I will just lay here for you some data about previous Blizzard Entertainment video games, and let you take your own conclusions -- but if Diablo Immortal is anywhere in this range, we might be looking at a long beta testing.

NOTE: Sometimes the Registered Date (which stands for Approval Date is updated often even after the game is launched -- in some situations). Therefore, the Filing Date (when Blizzard submitted the trademark request) should be the focus in terms of comparing against the game's release date.

NOTE: Added data about alpha and beta dates (where applicable).

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Something to take in mind is that Diablo Immortal filing date is October 1, 2020 in the United States. The trademark has not been approved yet until the United States Patent and Trademark Office lists a registration date.


Diablo Immortal was built from the ground up as a mobile game.

Personally, I am more focused on the trademark filing date of Hearthstone and Call of Duty: Mobile.

Hearthstone started initially as a PC Game that was ported to Android, then iOS. But the intent was there to make it a mobile game.

Hearthstone Beta started 1 month and 9 days after the trademark filing date. Call of Duty: Mobile Beta started 7 days after the trademark filing date.

The fan in me hopes this is a trend or divine plan for Activision Blizzard's mobile games. Diablo Immortal is the second Activision Blizzard intellectual property developed exclusively for mobile, and it is logical to think that it might follow Call of Duty: Mobile's footsteps.

Thus far, the Diablo Immortal internal test client in Google Play has been updated 4 times -- mostly on Monday:

  • August 24

  • August 26

  • September 14

  • September 21

Every week it is updated is a milestone closer to regional or global beta testing. If the Hearthstone and Call of Duty: Mobile trademark filing date are an indication, then from an optimistic point of view, Diablo Immortal beta testing shouldn't be too far.


Update (Oct 26):

Another way to guesstimate: Some past Blizzard Entertainment games and expansions enter Beta testing within 76-90+ days after the Alpha testing begin date. Others take several months: between 5-10 months.

The first Google Play update for Diablo Immortal was August 24, 2020. That should place Diablo Immortal Beta approximately in the ballpark between November 8 (Day 76) and November 22 (Day 90).

Hearthstone Beta -- started August 16, 2013.

Hearthston Open Beta -- started January 21, 2014. (5 months later)

Heroes of the Storm Technical Alpha () -- started March 4, 2014

Heroes of the Storm Beta -- started January 13, 2015. (10 months later)

Overwatch trademark file date: November 6, 2014

Overwatch Beta -- started October 27, 2015.

Warlords of Draenor Alpha () -- started April 3, 2014.

Warlords of Draenor Technical Alpha () -- started June 4, 2014.

Warlords of Draenor Beta () -- started June 27, 2014. (85 days later)

Legion Alpha () -- started November 23, 2015.

Legion Beta -- started May 12, 2016. (5 months, 19 days later).

Battle for Azeroth Alpha -- started February 7, 2018.

Battle for Azeroth Beta -- started April 24, 2018. (76 days later)

Shadowlands Alpha -- April 6, 2020.

Shadowlands Beta -- July 15, 2020. (100 days later)

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