Barbarian Quests Level 1-45 | Diablo Immortal Technical Alpha

I have played through most of the Diablo Immortal technical alpha questline up to level 41 if you want to read through the story, and see all the vendor UI and systems in place.

Some fans have commented on auto-navigation -- so I will take a few to explain. There is auto-navigation, but it is limited to Westmarch and Daily Quests. It is optional. If auto-navigation is engaged, all you have to do is move your character and it is disabled. You will see a resume button onscreen to re-engage auto-navigation.

Outside of Westmarch and Daily Quests, there is no auto-navigation, but optionally you can toggle having footprints drawn on the ground to guide you to your destination.

Barbarian Quests Level 1-45

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